From the artist:

"For years I have been attempting to understand, define, describe and well, find myself. I have tried different selves like costumes. Turned out I loved dressing up. I felt more comfortable layering somebody else’s skin on top of my own. I heard, of course, all the “be yourself” advice, but however hard I tried to be that Self, it always seemed to slip away from me. My art is an investigation into the Self, which to me is not an isolated thing, but a thing deeply rooted into the World, tightly connected with all the other Selves.

Through my art I find meaning in the World and the meaning of Self as a larger notion. In fact the Self is the World and the World is the expression of ALL the Selves to me. The search for meaning is completely intuitive and random, this is why you will see every color in my paintings and every shape. I am like a traveller in an unknown land, I am open to any road, any new horizon, I am interested in every landscape. While I translate the reality within onto canvases and surfaces, I feel closer to my Self and to the World. I feel the unity between the two. This unity gives me a great sense of purpose."