Flight Number Love by Necessary I.T.E.M.S. Project, The Secret Theatre, 2016. 
This set was made for a festival run and had to be mounted and unmounted within 15 minutes. The premise of the play was that the characters were on an airplane and the show was about love, so to create the atmosphere I decided to go with color pink. I painted pink clouds on wooden circles that were suspended against the backdrop from invisible threads and placed easily removable tape in matching color on the floor to mark the airplane aisle. The chairs that the actors used were moved according to the artistic vision of the director and helped transform the space multiple times throughout the play. 

Man Frog And Other People was a fairy tale for adults. The set was made for a festival run and needed to be installed and removed within a short amount of time. The action of the play took place inside a palace and in the woods. I used a standalone ladder and recycled cardboard. On one side of the ladder I created a castle, on the other - a tree. I suspended a cardboard sun against the backdrop, which was easily flipped and turned into a moon for the "woods" scenes. The actors were able to climb the set and turning it around to change the setting was easy. and seamless.

The (Last) Station was an avant-garde show by Necessary I.T.E.M.S. Project that played on Dixon Place stage in 2017. The world of the play was set in an undefined magical space of "nowhere" with some references to the sea. I created a circle that was partly placed on the stage and partly against the backdrop from recycled cardboard. The circle symbolized eternity, which went with the play's atmosphere of eternal waiting. I went with the colors Blue and Beige to reference the beach and carved images on the cardboard along the themes of oppression and existentialism that ran through the play.