As some of you know, artists are among of the most vulnerable workers during an economic crisis. In this current climate, with the closure of performance spaces, night clubs, bars, restaurants and schools, artists are among the ones who got hit the hardest. Artists are mostly freelancers and are not qualifying for unemployment insurance and, unfortunately, most are not able to put enough money aside to have a personal emergency fund. So here it comes: buy a piece of art and know that 100% from this profit will go towards GoFundMe campaign by PMT Dance Studio. This campaign is supporting the teaching artists of the school who lost their jobs due to the crisis. My son takes classes there and their teachers are some of the most talented, dedicated dancers and educators. More info HERE.

The art on these cans represents a call to unity, to become better humans to one another. The world needs more compassion and I think that this is the perfect time. We are always caught up in a fast paced world, trying to swallow us all so take a deep breath, slow down, appreciate your family, relearn to live a full life. Keep calm, remain positive and most of all, do not forget to keep on loving.

Please, NOTE: 100% from your purchase of the items BELOW will go to PMT GoFundMe Campaign.